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Plastic Recycling

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Why should my business recycle plastic?2019-07-29T16:25:02+00:00

Plastic is used in just about everything, from water bottles to packing peanuts. When the price of the material exceeds the cost to process it, recycling plastic can be profitable. Dispose keeps an eye on market values and works with local vendors to ensure you’ll get the best return on your discarded plastics. In addition to potential revenue opportunities, recycling plastic can help you drive brand affinity thanks to your sustainable practices. Good for your business, good for the world.

What types of plastic can be recycled?2019-07-29T16:29:13+00:00

The Plastics Identification Code lists seven different types of plastics.

PET and PETE – polyethylene terephthalate
Soda and water bottles, food containers, peanut butter jars

HDPE – high density polyethylene
Milk and juice jugs, dishwashing and laundry detergent, shopping bags

PVC – polyvinyl chloride
Food trays, rigid sheets used for packaging, irrigation pipes

4. LDPE – low-density polyethylene
Squeeze bottles, food storage bags, trash bags

PP – polypropylene
Bottle caps, drinking straws, produce packaging

PS – polystyrene
CD covers, Styrofoam, packing peanuts, egg cartons, carryout containers

A combination of plastics or none of the above

What containers or equipment do I need to recycle plastic?2019-08-02T10:27:23+00:00

To determine the right containers and equipment for your business, you must first analyze your waste stream. Industries that generate large amounts of plastic film, like the wrap you find around pallets, may require a baler in order to sell the plastic in a mill-ready form. For office buildings, a simple break room bin for single stream or mixed recycling might do the trick. Rubicon works with each customer to develop a customized recycling plan, including the necessary containers and equipment. And if your business is in a state with recycling requirements, Rubicon will ensure your program is set to regulatory standard or higher.

Do I have to separate my plastics for recycling?2019-08-02T10:27:47+00:00

Sorting requirements depend on each local market and service provider. Some must sort by type or color, and some don’t require separation at all. With Rubicon, you don’t need to sort out the details with your local service providers. No matter the color, type or recycling process, we work with you to create a simple solution that works best for your business. We’ll help you get the highest value for your recycling and teach you practices that save time and resources

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