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Glass Recycling

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Do I need to sort my glass?2019-08-02T10:59:27+00:00

It depends. In some cities, it’s required to sort your glass by color, and for many haulers sorting is a big deal. Manufacturers want their bottles to match the color standards required by consumers. If you do live somewhere without recycling requirements, there are options for single-bin glass recycling. Rubicon will work with you to create a simple glass recycling program and find the right bins to help you get started. We’ll maximize the value of your glass and help you recycle with ease.

What kind of glass can I recycle?2019-08-02T10:57:50+00:00

Many haulers won’t accept certain types of glass like windshields, broken glass, Pyrex, and windows. It’s not that these can’t be recycled, but that they have different melting points and need to be specially processed so as to not damage equipment. However, light bulbs, mirrors and laboratory glasses are considered serious contaminants that can cause an entire batch of recyclables to be rejected. Haulers are mostly looking for bottles and jars often found at restaurants, hotels and bars. Rubicon helps sort this problem with our nationwide network of haulers. We’ll help you find a place for whatever’s in your bin.

Why is glass recycling more expensive?2019-08-02T10:49:40+00:00

Glass can be difficult to handle safely, and glass is heavy. Because costs in waste management are measured by weight, there’s an idea that glass recycling costs more money than it’s worth. However, Rubicon’s hauler bidding process ensures you’ll always find the best price to transport your glass recycling.

Why should my business recycle glass waste?2019-08-02T10:48:00+00:00

Glass can be recycled endlessly without any loss in quality. Recycling just one glass bottle saves enough energy from the manufacturing process to keep a 100-watt bulb on for hours. Aside from better business practices, glass recycling is also often mandated by local governments to support sustainability initiatives. Whether your business is looking to implement a zero waste program or adhere to local recycling requirements, Rubicon can help you design a glass recycling program with greater cost efficiency.

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