Top Recycling Companies In Ghana

Recycling involves breaking down and re-using materials that would otherwise be thrown away as trash. This is very crucial especially if we want to make this planet habitable for our future generations. Recycling is significant in reducing air and water pollution, and most importantly helps reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills.

Recycling is very important, as waste has a huge negative impact on the environment. Harmful and dangerous chemicals and other substances are released into the atmosphere from the rubbish that is sent to landfill sites. 

In recent times, Ghana has seen a steady increase in environmental activism and many organizations and startups, have worked really hard to rid the country of landfill waste, especially plastic. This article covers the top recycling companies in Ghana.

Coliba Ghana Limited

Coliba Ghana is a leading Recycling Company using mobile technology to ensure environmental sustainability. Coliba 2.0 is touted to be first African Mobile app designed to managing plastic waste across West Africa. Coliba Recycling seeks to innovatively address the plastic waste pollution in the West Africa region through a franchise model that integrates Coliba Rangers (Waste pickers) into the digital platform that enables homes, institutions and communities to request recycling services with a click of the finger. 


SESA Recycling

SESA is a waste recovery company that is setting-up an incentive-based scheme for plastics, aluminium and other valuable waste. Founded by a team of entrepreneurs active in Ghana and Ivory Coast and backed by key industrials players from the GRIPE, the start-up is rewarding you for waste sorting.

Their objectives are to deploy fixed and mobile collecting kiosks for recyclables to generate extra income for local communities while revealing the value of waste, develop the market of recyclable packaging by providing a regular supply to local industries with a maximum of an impact and also clean our environment and avoid waste disposal into the oceans.

As a result of landfills getting choked and waste not being managed properly, Dispose Green is another recycling company that believes there is a smarter way to leverage effective recycling in diverting waste from landfills. Partnering with other recycling companies, Dispose Green ensures that your waste is recycled properly and less of it ends in the landfill.


Cleanmetro Ghana

Clean Metro is a fast-growing recycling social enterprise located in East Legon. Their focus is on finding sustainable solutions to plastic waste menace through recycling to capacitate individuals and also to change perceptions about plastic waste. They intend to attain the highest level of excellence in recycling, By Providing sustainable solutions in managing plastic waste and creating opportunities through plastic waste management to empower individuals in society.


Dispose Green

Dispose Green is an on-demand waste collection and recycling company based in Accra. Dispose leverages on technology to make plastic waste recycling easy and convenient. With the aim to achieve zero waste, they also recycle materials like Glass, Paper, Metal and Food waste. 


Eazywaste Ghana


With rapid urbanization and huge waste management challenges in Africa, Eazywaste educates and advocates for good waste management practices and value addition on waste generated through recycling and reuse of plastic and aluminium waste. They sensitize citizens on the value of plastic waste they generate through education and advocacy programs by engaging communities, institutions and households. 

They collect and buy plastic waste materials from collectors, households and institutions and process these plastics and sell them to plastic manufacturing companies and other Recycling plants for use as raw materials for their production.


Neat Eco Feeds


Located in Zebilla, a town in Bawku West District, Neat Eco Feeds produces animal feed from processed black soldier larvae. They do this by collecting slaughter waste and domestic organic waste and feeding it to appropriate media for culturing the larvae.

They efficiently collect and process slaughterhouse waste into high protein maggot feed. This feed helps poultry and fish farmers in Ghana to reduce the cost of protein feed from 65% to 30%. The by-products are bagged for use as compost for crop cultivation and ensuring a circular economy and zero waste. In addition to reducing farming costs, the company helps dispose of fifteen tons of waste left to decay daily in areas of northern Ghana.


Asase Foundation


Asase Foundation was created by Dana and Hilda in 2017 at Accra. Their dream was to enable Ghanaian women entrepreneurs play a key role in cashing in on the plastic waste trash of Accra for the benefit of their own communities. The Asase Foundation aims at creating jobs in the communities while bringing entrepreneurship opportunities to women who want to engage in plastic recycling.




Repatrn is plastic recycling company based in Osu. They firmly believe that by ensuring plastic bottle flakes are used in longlasting and high-quality products, they will be able to re-pattern people’s minds and stop them from perceiving plastic bottles as waste but as a precious and useful new resource.

Their goal is to add a long term value to the material and create products from it that people will want to keep. They are on a mission to demonstrate how valuable plastic bottles can be, and are looking to collaborate with partners who make the best use of the material’s versatility.




Nelplast is an Industrial Processing Company which specializes in the recycling of all kinds of plastic waste into different variety of products. Their dynamic team is committed to using modern technology to recycle plastic waste into high-quality plastic products for both industrial and domestic use.

Their mission is to achieve a status of excellence as a market leader in the plastic packaging and recycling industry, by being responsive to sanitation needs, broadening the portfolio of products and solutions, maintaining a strong commitment to the environment with compliance to health and safety standards at the workplace.

West African Feeds


West African Feeds is a company that is focused on the recycling of organic waste into agri-feeds for small scale poultry and fish farmers. specializes in producing low­-cost, high-protein feed base made from insects, which serves as an affordable yet equally nutritious alternative to fish-meal used in typical protein base poultry/fish feeds. By implementing the principles of the circular economy, They recycle food waste from restaurants, breweries, and market centres into organic material for black soldier fly (BSF) larvae production.

With the current analysis of the fish industry trends, They believe a combination of eco-friendly, low-cost and innovative models of animal feed production is necessary to reduce the cost barriers as well as further support the growth of Ghana’s aquaculture and poultry industry. 

Their mission is to scale up the poultry and aquaculture feed sectors in Ghana to introduce regenerative, cost-friendly and environmentally sustainable models of organic feed production.

Fine Print Limited

Fine Print is a major Paper Converting company in Ghana and the works are located in a sprawling 22 acres of land in the Heavy Industrial Area of Tema. Though the company was started purely as a trading company, in view of the good demand from the market, it diversified into manufacturing of various converted products of paper.

The products included sheeted papers of all types needed by the market from Newsprint to Bond paper to Art paper, craft paper, duplex board, Label papers and many more. Fine Print also started the first major toilet Tissue roll manufactured in Ghana by the brand name of Soft Touch 2 ply virgin Tissue rolls and was the market leader for many years.

It also started a recycling plant that converted waste paper to paper egg trays for the poultry farms. Another major conversion unit was the production of multiwall paper bags for use in Cement & Agricultural products packaging. Their mission is to be a dynamic west African leader in paper trading, recycling, converting and printing.


Alchemy Alternative Energy

Alchemy Alternative Energy is a waste management and recycling company that seeks to innovatively convert the 400+ tons of plastic waste and tires – through internationally approved and environmentally sound processes – into hydrocarbon products by encouraging local Ghanaian citizens through its well-designed waste purchasing program.