8 Ways to Get it Right in Recycling

There are more players in the recycling space now than ever before. These recycling companies prefer your bottles, cans and papers least contaminated as possible. This article shows you 8 ways to get it right.

  1. Reduce the amount of waste you dispose off in the first place by keeping containers, bags and boxes which can be reused.
  2. Shake out bottles and cans to rid them of water before putting them aside for recycling. Keep cardboards, paper and other recyclables away from water.
  3. Avoid using plastic bags. But when you do, keep them in one plastic bag. When it’s full, tie and give them to your recycler or take them back to the shop.
  4. Keeping food scraps away improves recycling because it means other recyclables are less likely to get contaminated.
  5. Avoid buying foods packaged in plastic wraps or films. They cannot be recycled!
  6. To promote recycling, buy products with packaging made from recycled materials instead of those made from virgin materials. They usually have a label to indicate that they have been recycled.
  7. Find out from your plastic recycler which types of plastic they accept. The number inside the recycling symbol on containers identifies the type of plastic.
  8. Know what cannot be recycled – like styrofoam packs and polythene bags. If you don’t know, find out rather than just throwing it out.

Do you have additional recycling tips we didn’t share? Let us know in the comments below!