8 Ways to Get it Right in Recycling

What is Recycling?

Recycling is the process of collecting and processing materials that would have otherwise been thrown away as trash, into new products.

What is the Benefit of Recycling?

Recycling considerably reduces environmental pollution by diverting trash from landfills, incinerators and the ocean. Recycling also helps to create jobs and supports the Ghanaian manufacturing industry. Research shows that Ghana generates about 12.7 tons of waste per day with less than 1% of it being recycled.

What happens when I recycle?

Materials that you recycle are collected and transferred to holding sites where they are sorted (e.g plastic from glass bottles), baled and sold to off-takers or manufacturers. Items that are not recyclable are sent to the landfill.

Which materials are recyclable?

That depends on your jurisdiction. But generally paper, plastics, cardboard, steel and aluminum are recyclable. Electronics, batteries and organic waste are also recyclable, but require extra care.

Are Plastic Bags Recyclable?

Most plastic recycling companies in Ghana do not directly recycle plastic bags. Plastic bags cause problems are sorting facility as they could get confused with paper. However, you can recycle plastic bags, including Ziploc bags, at a grocery store or supermarket.

Are Styrofoam Packs Recyclable?

Styrofoam often leads to contamination problems from organic content. And because styrofoam does not break down at the landfill, it’s not advisable to use that material in the first place.

Why do I have to keep my recyclables clean?

Washing oil left over organic residue from your bottles cuts down contamination and makes the end product more quality and valuable.

What about electronics?

You can recycle your electronics. In Ghana, you can sell your e and electronics to any elec

Materials that recycling companies accept depends on where you live and the technologies or facilities available. Reach out to us if you have any questions about segregating, recycling and the circular economy.